How To Remove Stubborn Concrete Stains

How To Remove Stubborn Concrete Stains

Even the most durable surfaces, like concrete driveways and sidewalks, can become marred by stubborn stains. Oil spills, rust marks, and mildew growth are all unsightly issues that take away from the look of your home exterior. Removing these stubborn concrete stains may seem like a difficult or impossible task. But there are some great tips and tricks you can keep in mind the next time you notice a noticeable stain on your driveway or sidewalk. And if you have a lot of trouble, you can always get help by calling 407-759-8287. When your concrete surfaces begin to look shabby, call Washed by the Water LLC to receive an expert concrete cleaning service.

Identify the Stain

Different stains require different types of treatments. The first thing you should do is to identify the stain. It could be grease, rust, oil, mold, mildew, or even paint. Knowing what kind of stain it is can help you decide what cleaning solution to use or whether to call a professional pressure washing company. Some stains, like grease and oil, can require professional techniques to safely and effectively remove.

Act Quickly

If you act quickly, you have the best chance of easily removing a stain on your concrete surfaces. Fresh stains are always easier to clean on concrete compared to deep, set-in stains. Try to apply a cleaning solution or call a professional the minute a spill occurs on your driveway or sidewalk. The longer you wait, the chances are that the stain will set in deep into the pores of the concrete.

Hire A Professional

The toughest stains might require a little more elbow grease than you anticipate. A professional pressure washer can be your best bet. Pressure washing uses high-pressure water streams to dislodge and remove stains effectively. For extensive stains such as motor oil or grease, consider hiring a professional pressure washing service for optimal concrete cleaning.

Prevent Future Stains

Once you have gone through the task of hiring a professional pressure washing company to remove your concrete stains, consider ways to prevent more stains. After you successfully remove the stains, you can apply a concrete sealer to your surfaces. A sealer creates a barrier against future stains so that they are easier to clean in the future. Protect your investment and avoid costly maintenance without a lot of work.